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Feeling Stuck & Frustrated With Your Business & Personal Progress?

You are an entrepreneur, or a leader/manager with a small team, you want them to get your vision - helping your clients and making a difference, but its not always easy to convey that passion to them. You may even be in a business such as a coach, healer, holistic health care practitioner, consultant or trainer unsure of how to effectively sell and market to your ideal customers. Doing business may be beginning to feel like a chore and its feeling overwhelming, stressing your out and you need help fast!

You may even be a leader, owner or manager within a slightly larger business or organisation and you absolutely know you need to 'shake things up' so that your business is acting from a place of integrity with each customer interaction, you just need someone who can help you to realise this and put a new process into place. So you can communicate this to inspire, motivate and take your team forward to get better results.

You know you need to do something urgently to improve your business and are prepared to invest in the right quality mentor to help you get results quickly. You are fed up of inauthentic charleton coaches, who charge extortionate amounts of money yet still don't deliver. You are now looking to work with someone genuine, capable with the right track record.

You prefer to work with someone who understands your challenges, doesn't just treat you like another number, offers practical and proven insights and enables you to see the possibility available to you NOW! You value honest, no nonsense, constructive ideas to take you forward without the BS!
My clients value being championed to greatness and feel more confident in their business as a result of working with me.

Helping You Get to the Heart of Your Personal and Business Challenges

I fully understand just how frustrating it can be to communicate your message and create interest in a way that your audience really gets. Many of my clients have previously experience many of these challenges:

  • Lack of self belief and confidence when it comes to trusting your ideas
  • You want to show up more as a Conscious, Authentic Leader
  • Overcoming Overwhelm
  • Want to feel calmer and collected even in a chaotic situation
  • Reduce Stress Levels and get back on track
  • Want to trust your intuition more, but you are too scared
  • Loads of ideas, but not sure which one to choose or what to do with it
  • Need someone to observe and feedback the best course of action to get you moving
  • Your Company isn't working as efficiently as you want and you could do with an outsider to observe and feedback areas to improve and make more profitable
  • A need for encouragement and support to enable you to grow or get your businesses up and running profitably
  • You want to make a difference, but you are not sure how to make money doing so
  • Unclear on where and how to market yourself
  • Scared to sell for fear of being pushy and rejected
  • You may have limiting beliefs around earning money and attracting wealth
  • Struggling with pricing your services profitably without ripping people off (click here)
  • Fear of competition in your market
  • Finding the energy to do and juggle everything
  • You don't seem to get support from your friends and family when it comes to developing your business
  • You feel scared to make the cross over from employment to self employment following redundancy

  • If you are feeling totally stressed out almost to the point of crash and burn click here! I run programmes to address and reduce your stress levels fast, lets sort out the dreaded 'S' word first, sthen we can look at how to improve your business once, your stress is under control again

  • Are you an increasing stressed Mega Busy Career Mom and you can't think straight anymore? Click here

Client Testimonial

" If you want to excel in your field, if you want YOUR business to do really well - you need to do what the few really savvy businesses out there do - and Get Jacqui!
Jacqui Tillyard has a way of instantly 'knowing' exactly where the key leverage points are in your business...usually it's people and systems. Jacqui works with you to smooth out the friction points and supercharge the potential lying dormant inside your business...the result? Jacqui helps increase performance. The conversations I've had with Jacqui have easily doubled the efficiency of what we do here...Her understanding of the human-drivers that get business moving is stunning and worth ten times her fee.
My advice. Get Jacqui."

James Lavers

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For Holistic Practitioners or Clients feeling overwhelmed, overloaded and exhausted

Take a more 'Stress Free' Holistic Approach to Business

If Overwhelm is taking over your working day or you want to learn a new skill to be a more Conscious Entrepreneur, or get your Bars Run in Leicestershire Click here

Benefit from Reiki Energy, relax, reduce your stress levels, reconcile and realign with past issues. I offer private classes to learn Reiki so you can understand how to use this energy on yourself and others for good- click here contact me for available dates to learn this skill.

Jacqui's Mission

"To enable, empower and inspire more enterprising, conscious entrepreneurs and leaders who understand the importance of people as well as profitability. Serving as a 'Wake Up' to those ready and open to learn to genuinely grow their businesses & make a meaningful impact in the process.
Enabling growth without stress & burnout or taking advantage of anyone. Creating Win-Win outcomes


Achieving it!

  • Clients can access my services in a number of ways:
  • Online virtual programmes
  • Virtual training events
  • Private one to one mentoring & training
  • Via my online portals for growing your business and taking care of your own wellbeing

How clients work with me

I work with organisations as well as private clients offering:

  • One to one Mentoring
  • Tailored Training & Coaching
  • Group Workshops
  • Group Mentoring Programmes
  • Holistic Training
  • Keynote Speaking

I have created specific programmes-
offering business and personal support for business clients who want to achieve their goals faster and make more of their aspirations a reality.

Getting to the Heart of the Matter Fast!

jacqui tillyard

What you will gain

  • No nonsense support
  • Practical honest feedback
  • Fast results, I'll help you cut to the chase
  • Enthusiasm, reignited desire for results
  • Expertise from someone with a fantastic track record working with small business owners and local authority staff.

Working with me can enable you to get total clarity on your biggest issues. You know how it is when an idea keeps running in your head and yet you simply can't make the right decision to get moving on making it a reality, worse still you feel too scared or silly to tell anyone else about it even though you know in your heart it would be fantastic if you took action now.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, confused, frustrated with all those ideas, you need to find help quickly!

So what do you do now?

Find the right mentor to encourage and champion you and your idea!

Where do I come in?

I focus on getting to the heart of your problem quickly as I am removed from your immediate situation.

Think of me as an astute confidant who can get you moving in the right direction once again on track for even more success. Feel free to call me an arrange an informal discussion.

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Client testimonial

“Jacqui has advised me regularly on business strategy and implementation, as well as on personal clarity. I have yet to find fault in her advice. She is astute, lightening quick to see through any confusion I may have had and uncannily pinpoints what has proved to be the best solution with target precision. With Jacqui, you get to move ahead quickly. I trust and wholeheartedly recommend Jacqui's highly effective yet truly confidential approach. I will continue to use her services.”
Isabel Gainford. CEO

To contact Jacqui

Tel. Leicester (0116) 279 6906 or
Mob 07747 471145 www.jacquitillyard.co.uk
email jacqui@jacquitillyard.co.uk

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